Minggu, 07 Februari 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – major Advantages – Defects and important things

As you know a new big Giant Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is released to beat the Apple market with new series of cell phones, this time Galaxy note series smart phone blast the records of the pre- orders here are the some major benefits, defects of the cell phone by clients after receiving this giant.


  • The ratio of the area of the screen to the area of the entire phone (thin frame). with diagonal screen like playfulness has reasonable dimensions, unlike the stub.
  • Full stuffing, maximum performance iron … my desktop PC and then all 4 cores, though the same amount of memory))
  • The design and quality materials.
  • Lo and behold, now the light sensor is able to correctly manage the automatic brightness that previously could only iPhone since version 4
  • The minimum screen brightness now really minimal and in the darkness does not hurt the eyes.
  • Fairly quickly finds the network if she suddenly lost
  • Quickly switching and loading, feels three times faster than note 2
  • “Fast charge” pleases. The measurements showed a half-hour by 47%

  • After long-term use begin involuntary response touchscreen, applications run by themselves, save only reboot. perhaps marriage, but not yet angry.
  • Lack of moisture protection
  • With such a large screen nominal sheath has a 4×4 grid, even when the first notes had a 5×5, it’s not optimal.
  • Typing is often triggered adjacent keys
  • Still in active use battery lasts hardly for a day
  • Important for me in this program CashOrganizer version launcher widget lost its rapid introduction costs.

Conclusion :
There is no limit to perfection, but the unit really got lucky. Finally a manufacturer has not stinted Gadget bucks apiece to spend a couple of dollars on the material of the body, and then the colored plastic on note 2 and 3 month and disgusted. I think I was just unlucky and got a manufacturing defect with the touchscreen, have not heard what else would someone screen periodically so behaved. Well that rebutaetsya fast (comes once in about 2 days), starts to strain – will return to service. Experience of use – ten days.

If you have this device share your experience with us in below comment section, waiting for your response.